Bibasilar Atelectasis

What is Bibasilar Atelectasis? Atelectasis is defined as the collapse of the lungs either partially or in entirety. The condition develops

Hib Vaccine

What is Hib Vaccine? Before Hib vaccine was developed, approximately 20,000 children within the United States aged under 5 years

Birth Control Implant

What Is Birth Control Implant? Nowadays, there are still emerging difficulties in the appropriate pregnancy planning, as well as higher

Armpit Rash

What is Armpit Rash? An armpit rash affects the skin in your underarm and can cause changes in color, texture,

Light Colored Stool

What is Light Colored Stool? The normal color of stool is brown, but it may vary because of the diet

Floppy Baby Syndrome

What is Floppy Baby Syndrome? Floppy Baby Syndrome is a condition occurs in infants due to neurological disorder related to

Diaphragmatic Breathing

What Is Diaphragmatic Breathing? Unknown to many people, there are different types of breathing that humans perform. One of these

Parkland Formula

Parkland Formula Definition Parkland formula is a formula that is used to determine the amount of fluid needed to be


What is Capnography? Capnography is an instrument used to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in exhaled air and represents the

Lip Twitching

Probably you have had a situation where your lips twitch uncontrollably, or you have heard your friends say that they